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“Ignition“ is our vision to develop strong links with the surrounding community.


Ignition is primarily about community. A Community Survey showed that there are great needs among our neighbours but no natural community centre from where those activities could be co-ordinated.

Whilst Anlaby Park Methodist is already a busy place, we are aware that we are not serving our community as much as we would like. Therefore many of the ideas that we have involve reaching out beyond both the immediate church family and those people who already use our facilities.

Outreach is a key Christian component and as such it is every church member’s responsibility. We believe that we need to get alongside people where they are, just as Jesus did, meeting their immediate practical and emotional needs – as well as their spiritual ones.


To get things moving we have been exploring a number of activities:

  • We have opened a Coffee Shop, housed within our premises that is open to the public 6 days a week providing a real enhancement to our facilities for community groups using our suite of premises and also acting as a gateway to our services.

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NOW OPEN 9am – 5pm Mon – Sat

  • We have just completed a building project which will house the above mentioned coffee shop. This additional space will give overspill facilities when needed for our Church worship and a new room where events can take place outside of the normal coffee shop hours. Take a look around by clicking on the gallery below…


  • We have recently opened a “Christians Against Poverty” Debt Centre where people struggling with debt can obtain advice and assistance. You can find out more about that on our dedicated page.


  • We have adopted the Methodist Live At Home Scheme.  A steering Group has been appointed to lead this exciting initiative.  This will be a way of serving the community, especially those who live alone and need support because of age, infirmity or other circumstances. You can find out more on our dedicated page.


  • We have been exploring links with external agencies. At present our building is well used and without major building changes there are only limited spare rooms available for rent by service providers. There has been positive feedback from the local councillors in support of Ignition.


  • We are working hard on internal fundraising events. We intend to have a focused event per month… watch this space and please support those events that appeal to you, and bring your friends along too! (Follow the links at the top of the page to our diary and notices pages for the what, where and when). Our continuing fund raising is with a view to being able to demolish and rebuild the existing rooms at the back of the site to better serve our activities.


  • We have worked with our architect to develop plans to extend our building so that we can provide the facilities we require to further developing our community work.  This is likely to be implemented in stages, with “Phase 1” now being complete.


  • Our Ignition project is continually changing and developing over time, however there is a welcome for all of the events and activities taking place at the church.  If we can be of assistance to you in any way, then please let us know either via the Anlaby Park Methodist church email address or by contacting the minister, Rev Andrew Stead (01482) 352157



Ignition works through 4 separate teams of volunteers, each concentrating on a different area. These teams are co-ordinated by an executive group which meets regularly to ensure that they are all pulling in the same direction. In addition, the members of all 4 teams meet regularly to share developments, ideas and progress.



We are very grateful to the following organisations who have pledged support to our project: WREN, Rank Foundation, Garfield Weston, Norwood & Newton, Beatrice Laing, Cattle Trust, Bernard Sunley, Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust, Gibbs, Allchurches Trust and Veolia Environmental Trust.